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Pickleball Balls 40 Holes USA Pickleball Approved Pack

Pickleball Balls 40 Holes USA Pickleball Approved Pack

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ZCEBRA  's  ONSIGHT SERIES indoor and outdoor balls   are specifically designed and optimized for  Pickleball , providing a balanced flight as well as a very authentic and dynamic bounce.

With  40 holes  and precise weighing, our balls offer  perfect bounce  both indoors and outdoors. This ball offers  exceptional durability  and great  balance It is perfect for long rallies, ideal for beginners, veterans and demanding players.

Perfectly round holes are strategically aligned and precisely  drilled . The two halves are carefully matched and welded, thus maintaining their shape after striking.

  • HEIGHT: 74 MM
  • CIRCUMFERENCE: 22.8 cm
  • WEIGHT: 24.5 gr
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