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Zgecko FIBERGLASS SERIES Pickleball Paddle (red)

Zgecko FIBERGLASS SERIES Pickleball Paddle (red)

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Zgecko series features a textured fiberglass surface exclusive to Zcebra. It has been manufactured it with double coating for greater durability and resistance. Rough surface to increase spin on the ball.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate players. It responds excellently both at the net and from the back of the court, players of any skill level will be able to enjoy and improve with this racket. Its rough surface means that the ball can be hit with fantastic effect.  

It comes with a thick  Neoprene case  to protect your racket wherever you transport it.

  • SHOVEL LENGTH: 39 cm
  • SHOVEL WIDTH: 20 cm
  • HANDLE LENGTH: 12.5 cm
  • WEIGHT: 225 gr
  • FACE COMPOSITION: Double coated Fiberglass.
  • SURFACE: Rough Fiberglass Technology
  • CORE: High density polypropylene. Honeycomb.
  • CORE WIDTH: 13mm
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